Jeff Ziozios



My name is Jeff Ziozios. I have been a tattoo and body piercing artist since 1998. I am originally from Midland, Michigan. I went to school for Art at Delta College in Bay City Michigan, and headed to California for a few crazy music filled years. I worked a bunch of crappy jobs for quite a few years, and found my career when I started tattooing at Heritage Tattoo in Bay City (Thanks Dave! You the man! I learned a lot from you, and respect you more than you know).

I helped open Heritage Tattoo of Midland, where I was the manager for about 5 years. My friend, John Cole, was tattooing at Phat Katz tattoo in Ybor City, Florida. I came down to visit him and loved the sun and sand in Florida. So I moved to Tampa in 2004 and worked out of the same shop until June of 2012 when Phat Katz closed its doors. I liked the location so much that I decided to pursue my dream and opened Bay City Tattoos Inc in the same Ybor City location.

Since then, we have moved to another location in Lutz, Florida, located at:

16514 North Florida Ave. Lutz, Florida, 33549.

You can make an appointment or schedule a consult with me there, directly, by emailing: baycitytattoos@gmail.com or Tatt24all@gmail.com. You may also contact me directly on Messenger or Instagram: @tattoosbyjeffziozios

I do online consultations everyday at 2:00pm, 8:45pm, or 9:00pm, and my Tattoo hours are between 10:00am and 4:00pm every day, except Tuesdays.

Let me know which time and day works best for you, and please send pictures and ideas of what you would like to get so I can reference them during consultation. Looking forward to working with you.

Artist Website: JeffZiozios.com